Burn Permits

For a burn permit, please call 989-693-6030 and please leave a message

Current sewer rates are as follows:

  • Residential $56 per quarter
  • Business $68 per quarter

Sewer Late Fee is 10%

Billing Changes or Questions – 989-693-6572 or e-mail

Trash and Recycle

REPUBLIC 810-768-2218 (Fairgrove Township does this Service 616-916-8423 Clerk)

Department of Public Works

To report issues please call 989-693-6572 or e-mail

Village Hall Rentals

The fee for Village Hall rental is $100,  $50 is a refundable cleaning deposit.

Thereis an additional charge of  $25.00 to set up the Day before Contact the Village Clerk for information.

Zoning Officer – Wally Prusi

Please call 989-693-6616 or e-mail:

His hours are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Assessor: Deb Young 989-693-6030

Lift Station Alarms – 989-693-6572/ 989-693-6887 or e-mail